Welcome to Pakistan's First Web Automation Toolkit for Small Business Digital Marketing. It saves your time and energy by automatically performing repetitive tasks with just One Click.

  • Pakistan's First Web Automation Toolkit for Small Business Digital Marketing
  • FACEBOOK Auto Groups Poster
  • FACEBOOK Auto Likes Requester
  • PriceEx (Universal Prices Extractor)

Socializer Software FAQs (Read Carefully)

Q-01. What is Socializer and how it is useful for my Business Promotion ?

Socializer is a web automation toolkit, contains different useful tools which help you to perform repetitive tasks with just a few clicks and settings. The detail of features given below:

- Auto Searcher: This tool helps you in FACEBOOK to Auto Search a list of multiple keywords in Groups or Pages. Download FREE Demo

- Auto Groups Poster: This tool helps you in FACEBOOK to Auto Search New Groups, Auto Join New Groups, Auto Post to relevant groups and Auto Leave un-wanted groups. Download FREE Demo

- Auto Likes Requester: This tool helps you in FACEBOOK to Auto Search New Pages, Auto Like Pages and Auto Send Like Requests to relevant pages so people can see your page and like it, if they wish to. Download FREE Demo

Recommendations: You must read, understand and abide by FACEBOOK policies while using Socializer. Blocking of your ID depends upon different algorithms (activities based analysis) and solely the discretion of FACEBOOK. You will have to be very careful on the platform when performing bulk actions at a time. One good practice among many is to create new ID and do not select too many groups or pages at a time while joining and posting, to avoid ID Block. Also, always join and post to most relevant groups and pages only and never ever try to spam. Always respect the community standards. These are only some recommendations which might help you to slow-and-steady but gradually increase visibility of your page.

Also note that Socializer automatically repeats certain actions only and it can not replace the need of FACEBOOK paid promotional campaigns at all.

- PriceEx (Universal Prices Extractor): This tool is a "Permission Based" prices gathering tool from online public postings of different products for Selling/Buying. Download FREE Demo

Q-02. What are the chances of ID Block with Socializer ?

Socializer CAN NOT take any responsibility for your ID Block in ANY CASE, AT ALL. However, you may follow some Recommendations.

Q-03. How to Install Socializer and Activate FREE Demo ?

Step 1: Please download Socializer Setup file (socializer-setup.exe) by clicking on Download FREE Demo link.

Step 2: Once you have downloaded socializer-setup.exe file in your computer, simply double-click on it, then carefully read and follow the setup instructions to complete installation process (like shown in below images).

Socializer (Pakistan's First Social Media Marketing Software)

Step 4: After installation, close Socializer software then goto C:\Program Files\Socializer folder, then right-click on Socializer.exe (the application file) and select Properties > then click on Compatibility tab > then Check ON the Run this program as Administrator checkbox > and click OK button.

Step 3: Run Socializer again and from Welcome tab, type your Name, Mobile, Email ID and click on Send Activation Request. Your FREE Demo will immediately be activated automatically.

Q-04. How to Purchase Socializer ?

Once you are fully satisfied with the performance of Socializer software and understand the Recommendations, send payment using any of the below given payment options. Your Socializer software will immediately be activated. Download FREE Demo

Important Notes: Please read some very important notes about Socializer, at the bottom of this page.

How to use Videos

How to Download, Install and Send Activation Request

How to use FACEBOOK Auto Groups Poster

How to use PriceEx (Universal Prices Extractor)

Purchase Socializer

(A must-have toolkit for every Small Business Digital Marketing)

FACEBOOK Auto Searcher+Auto Groups Poster+Auto Likes Requester: Rs. 2,000 per Month (or 6,000 per Year)
PriceEx (Universal Prices Extractor): Rs. 2,000 per Month (or 6,000 per Year)

Page Promotion Service

FACEBOOK Page Promotion Service (On Groups): Rs. 2,000 Per Month

There are about 100,000 small, medium and large size FACEBOOK Groups of Pakistan from different cities based on different interests. We promote your page by Searching, Joining and Posting (following policies) to relevant FACEBOOK Groups, where thousands of members in hundreds of groups may have opportunity to visit your page and learn about your products or services.

Three months suggested step-by-step promotion schedule will be as follows:


1st Month (Groups Searching): A fresh FACEBOOK ID may be required for the promotional purpose. Relevant groups will be searched on FACEBOOK according to your page content and promotion scope.


2nd Month (Groups Joining): Joining requests will be sent to the admins of relevant searched groups.


3rd Month (Groups Posting): Posting to successfully joined and allowed groups will be started. In the result of these postings, your page and its posts may be more visible to more relevant audiences in groups and also your page may start getting more genuine likings in a gradual process. Please note that page liking depends on many factors including relevancy of page viewers and page contents, type and quality of content, authenticity of information, value of products or services offered, viewers interest etc. etc. etc.


Monthly Summary Reports of all activities will be sent to you via email.

Please note that all page promotion services are provided using our Socializer software and if you think that you can Do-It-Yourself then you may Purchase Socializer software.

Payment Options

MBL - Account Title: SOCIALIZER - A/C#: 9921-0102-019666 (Also for ATM) - Br. Code: 9921 (Khi)


HBL - Account Title: SOCIALIZER - A/C#: 0400-7902-149103 (Also for ATM) - Br. Code: 0400 (Khi)


Telenor EasyPaisa / Mobilink JazzCash / UBL Omni / Ufone UPaisa / Zong TimePey

Order CD
Your Name
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Your Complete Address for CD Delivery
You will receive a CD containing the following tools:
1: FACEBOOK Auto Searcher (Groups+Pages).
2: FACEBOOK Auto Groups Poster (Auto Join+Auto Leave).
3: FACEBOOK Auto Likes Requester.
(Search, Join and Post to Only Relevant Groups or Pages)
(Please DO NOT SPAM with Socializer)
(Cash On Delivery - Pay when you receive CD)

For any further information please:

Call our UAN# +92-315-2906671 / Email us @ Sales at Socializer.pk

Thank you, Socializer Team